Terms and Conditions

By enrolling for our courses, students agree to the Terms and Conditions specified in the registration form:

Fixed Price Service

  • A registered student may cancel a course registration up to one day prior to the beginning date of the course, and no refunds will be issued if no notice is given before the start date of the course.
  • If the student withdraws after the first session, he/she shall be eligible for 50% refund from the first instalment. However, earned credits will not be transferred to any other course.
  • There will be NO REFUNDS after the second session, however, the participant may join the next batch.
  • Course fee are linked with our educational partners and paid fees cannot be transferred between different partner courses.
  •  Incomplete students will be required to submit within 3 months of the first deadline. Otherwise, they will be required to pay readmission fee of SR 500.
  •  Incomplete students will have to wait to submit with the next batch or pay SR 500 for courier if they need their certificate urgently.